Data is our speciality

Your data is a valuable asset. We help organisations manage data and information carefully, like any other asset, by ensuring adequate quality, security, integrity, availability, understanding and effective use

We solve things like:

  • Determining the root cause(s) of your data management problems and working with you to resolve them
  • Bringing disparate systems and data together into “one version of the truth”
  • Not having data standards, guiding principles or understanding the quality of data
  • Organisation-wide reporting across multiple mediums, platforms and devices
  • Over-customised systems that are no longer supportable, maintainable or upgradeable
  • Not being able to afford a full-time Data Architect/DBA - we're there only when you need us


  • Enterprise Architecture - Systems & Data Architectology (Zachmann/TOGAF)
  • Data Architecture and Data Strategy
  • Brainstorming sessions - Let us help you find innovative and effective solutions
  • IT Troubleshooting/sense checking - We’ll be your sounding board
  • Performance tuning, reviews and advice - No cure, no pay - Conditions apply
  • Consolidation of databases and servers (VM, SAN) - Simplifying your environment, minimising cost
  • Measure, review and improve the quality of your data
  • Review Systems and Application Architecture
  • Data Modelling - Design and reviews (conceptual, logical and physical)
  • Data Warehousing, ETL, Business Intelligence, and Operational Data Stores
  • Enterprise Reporting solutions
  • Database software installation, setup and configuration
  • Database Security - Implementation and review
  • Upgrade, migration and conversion of Database Management Systems (DBMS)
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery review, design, implementation
  • Database Management support – Ad-hoc and/or after hours
  • Training - On-the-job and/or tailored


  • Simple - We like to keep things simple
  • Open - You will always know what’s going on (weekly timesheets, progress reports)
  • No surprises - You will always know the terms, conditions and costs up front
  • Responsible - We will follow all of your security guidelines and standards
  • Flexible - We can work remotely or on-site, long term or short term, with or without a recurring contract
  • Capability - We partner with other excellent companies
  • Honest - We aren't afraid to say no
  • Quality - We stand behind our work


  • Virtualisation
  • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Reporting Services
    • Analysis Services
    • Integration Services (DTS)
  • Oracle
  • MySQL


  • Zachman Framework
  • Kimball Data Warehousing
  • Inmon Data Warehousing
  • DAMA


Wise words

"The temptation to form premature theories upon insufficient data is the bane of our profession."

- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle